Meet Adel, Our Virtual Assistant

You can chat with Adel online or on the phone 24/7 to get answers to all your banking questions.

Adel, Our Virtual Assistant

Citadel’s virtual assistant, Adel, is available to chat with you 24/7 from our website, by phone, or in Online & Mobile Banking. You can find Adel via the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen on, or call (800) 666-0191 to bank by phone. In Online or Mobile Banking, select "Start a Chat" from the menu.

Adel on an iPad

Chat online with Adel

Adel is available to chat any time on via the chat icon in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. Or if you're logged into Online or Mobile Banking, select "Start a Chat" from the menu. You can ask questions, get answers, and if you need additional help, Adel can also connect you to a member of our team via live chat or video chat during our regular business hours.

Bank by phone with Adel

To enroll for the first time, you can call Citadel at (800) 666-0191 and say something like “Check my balance”, which will prompt Adel to assist you through the initial enrollment process. Once you’re set up, Adel will ask for your account number and access code to confirm your identity before securely accessing any account details over the phone.


While talking with Adel, you can complete transactions, check balances, and confirm payment information for a variety of Citadel accounts and loans, including:

  • Savings & IRA Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Personal Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Mortgages

You can also get answers to frequently asked questions, such as:

  • “How do I apply for a mortgage?”
  • “How do I report fraud on my card?”
  • “What do I need to sign up for Online Banking?”

If you need additional help, Adel can transfer you to a representative during our regular business hours.

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