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Managing Debt

Mastering debt management can open the door to more money-making opportunities.

Keep Your Debt Under Control

Having debt isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, if you use debt to your advantage, you’ll be able to raise your credit score, obtain more spending tools, and improve your overall financial wellness. And if you’re already a Citadel member, you can use our Free Credit Score Monitoring tool to view your score and see how your debt is affecting it.

Debt Management Strategies

Managing Debt

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Use Credit Cards Correctly

Citadel’s Tip: Use Credit Cards Correctly

There is a lot of negative thinking around credit cards because it is easy to fall into unmanageable debt when using them. However, if used correctly, credit cards are a great financial wellness building tool and give you more purchasing power.

Just remember to pay the balance in full every month if you can. If you can’t, refrain from using your credit card until you can wipe the balance.

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