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Saving Money

Saving money is the investment your future needs.

Saving Money Paves Your Financial Wellness Path

In today's world, financial stability is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Saving money is not just about accumulating wealth; it's about securing your future, building resilience against financial setbacks, and achieving your long-term goals.

Financial Wellness Checkup Tool

With this tool, you can create savings goals that will help keep you on track month to month. Log in to Online & Mobile Banking and select Financial Wellness to get started. Or if you’re not a member yet, you can easily create an account online and have access to all of Citadel has to offer.

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Saving Strategies for Financial Wellness

saving money

Further Your “Saving” Education

More Ways to Save from Citadel

Citadel offers a variety of great savings accounts and products designed to grow your money fast and help you meet your financial goals.

High Yield Savings +

High Yield Savings +

Want to earn continuous high returns on your money and be able to access it easily? Citadel’s High Yield Savings accounts earn more than 10X the national average rate and won’t lock up your savings for long terms.

Certificates +

Certificates +

Citadel Certificates, commonly referred to as CDs or Certificates of Deposit at other financial institutions, are a simple, low-risk way to earn more on your money. Once your certificate matures, you can renew it or access your original investment along with the return that it earned.

Star Savings +

Star Savings +

Citadel’s Star Savings account is perfect for anyone with short-or long-term savings goals and is required for credit union membership. This account has a higher rate than most standard savings accounts that gets better the more you save.

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