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Contactless Payments FAQs

Contactless Payments FAQs

Review our frequently asked questions below to get quick answers and tips on using Citadel's Contactless Payments.

Contactless Payments Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are contactless transactions?
Your contactless card uses the latest chip security, so it is just as safe as inserting a chip card. When used at a chip-enabled terminal, it is protected by a one-time-use code that changes each time you use it.
What are the benefits of contactless payments?

Contactless payments are fast, easy, and convenient. Simply tap your contactless card on the Contactless Symbol at checkout to pay on-the-go. Just like transactions made with a chip card, each contactless card transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects your payment information.

You can still do everything you would do with any other credit or debit card, including adding a tip, getting cash back, and more.

What if a retailer doesn’t offer the contactless payment feature?

Not to worry. You can still use your contactless card at any EMV payment terminal by inserting your card, or by swiping your card at a magnetic stripe terminal. There will always be three ways to use your new card – tap, insert, or swipe.

Do I have to tap my debit or credit card on the contactless-enabled terminal?

No. You don’t have to physically tap your contactless card to the terminal. However, you will need to hold your card within 1-2 inches of the Contactless Symbol on the terminal.

What should I do if I'm prompted for my PIN and I don't know it?

If you don't have your PIN for your contactless card - don't worry! Some merchant terminals require a PIN to process debit and credit card transactions. When this occurs, simply insert your card and select the option to 'bypass PIN.'

You can set up or reset your PIN at any time by calling 1-866-985-2273 for your debit card or 1-888-886-0083 for your credit card.

Can cardholders use their contactless card outside the U.S.?

Yes. You can use your contactless card wherever it is accepted by tapping simply tapping your card to pay wherever you see a Contactless Symbol at checkout. You can also always insert your swipe your card, when contactless payments are not possible.

How do I know if the merchant accepts contactless payments?

Simply look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout or ask the cashier if you can pay by tapping. If they do not yet offer contactless, this card can be used normally at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

Can I use my contactless card even if I don’t see the Contactless Symbol at checkout?

Yes. You can still use your contactless card at an EMV payment terminal by inserting your card, or at a magnetic stripe terminal by swiping your card.

How does contactless cards compare to mobile wallets, like Apple Pay or Android Pay?

Contactless cards use Radio Frequency (RF) technology and Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology. Digital wallets, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, require NFC-enabled mobile phones with smart chips that allow phones to securely store the payment and account information, and to use the information as a contactless “virtual payment card.

Can people “skim” information off a contactless card?

No. For every contactless transaction, a transaction-specific, one-time code is created that secures your payment information. The code cannot be re-used by fraudsters even if they were somehow able to access it.

How long do I need to hold my card to the contactless-enabled payment terminal?

It’s quick and easy to use your contactless card to tap to pay – simply hold your contactless debit or credit card to the terminal for 1-2 seconds.

How should I hold my contactless card at checkout?

The payment terminal reads your contactless card best when you hold it flat near the Contactless Symbol.