Introducing Our New Brand

We’re thrilled to share your new Citadel Credit Union!

Introducing Citadel Credit Union’s New Brand

We’re your Citadel Credit Union, and we’re here to help you build financial strength – today and tomorrow. Learn more about our new brand and all the ways we’re dedicated to building your financial strength.

Our New Look

To reflect our promise as a member-owned credit union, we’ve introduced a new Citadel logo, look, and tagline to reinforce our commitment to improving banking experiences for everyone. We're excited to reveal our new look that will reflect our organization going forward, and all that it means.

citadel credit union

We See a Bright Future

Beyond our new logo, colors, and tagline – learn how we’re helping our members build financial strength and enhancing your experience. We see a bright future, and we’re the partner dedicated to helping families, businesses, and communities prosper.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing your logo and look?

As Citadel has grown and evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of our members, so has our brand. Our fresh, new look will better reflect the promise of a great experience for our members and truly aligns with where we are today.

Was the new brand the result of a merger or acquisition?

No, Citadel is still owned by its members, and we did not acquire another institution. This is a change of our look, logo, tagline, and we are better defining who we are as a company.

What does your new tagline, “Building Strength Together” mean?
The new tagline “Building Strength Together” reflects our commitment to guiding members to their strongest financial future. Together, we believe we can build a stronger future for us all.
How will the rebrand affect my banking experience and services?

Rest easy knowing that our business and commitment to providing an exceptional member experience remains the same. Plus, we are dedicated to providing competitive rates and expert service. In fact, we’re committed to doing more. And we’ve only just begun.

Will my Online and Mobile Banking login information change?

No, you’ll be able to use your Online and Mobile banking with your same username and password even though things may look different now with our new branding.

For an easier transition, ensure that your mobile device is set to automatically update apps. 

Are the hours changing?

No. Our hours will not be changing due to our rebrand.

Will automatic deposits or withdrawals to or from my checking or savings account still go through?

Yes. Your account number and our routing number will not change, so any automatic withdrawals or automatic deposits will still go through. You don’t need to do anything.

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