Frequently Asked Questions

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To help keep you informed, we’ve answered some common questions we're hearing from members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is changing?

Citadel is introducing a new brand – meaning our logo, overall look, and tagline will change. These updates reflect our commitment to your banking experience.

Nothing about your account or login information will change. There is no action that you need to take.

For Mobile Banking Customers:

To ensure an easier transition, make sure you have automatic app updates enabled on your mobile device.

Why are you changing your logo and look?

As Citadel has grown and evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of our members, so has our brand. Our fresh, new look will better reflect the promise of a great experience for our members and truly aligns with where we are today.

What will you look like, and what is your new tagline?

We can’t share that with you just yet. But, you’ll see everything very soon! We will share our new look with our members before anyone else!

When is this officially happening?

Over the next few weeks in August you’ll receive more information, including a first look at our new logo, colors, and more. Then, over the next few months, our visual changes will be implemented.

Was the new brand the result of a merger or acquisition?

No, Citadel is still owned by its members, and we did not acquire another institution. This is a change of our look, logo, tagline, and we are better defining who we are as a company.

How will the rebrand affect my banking experience and services?

Rest easy knowing that our business and commitment to providing an exceptional member experience remains the same. Plus, we are dedicated to providing competitive rates and expert service. In fact, we’re committed to doing more. And we’ve only just begun.

Will there be any changes to the branches?

You will see new signage inside and outside of each Citadel branch, as well as new credit and debit cards and an updated website with a new look and feel.

Are the hours changing?

No. Our hours will not be changing due to our rebrand.

Will automatic deposits or withdrawals to or from my checking or savings account still go through?

Yes. Your account number and our routing number will not change, so any automatic withdrawals or automatic deposits will still go through. You don’t need to do anything.

Will my credit or debit card change?

None of your card or account numbers will change. Eventually, we will update the look of our cards, and you will receive plenty of advanced notice before receiving your new card. The communication regarding your new card(s) will be sent via email and directly mailed to your home. Your card numbers will not be affected with the newly branded cards.

Will my Online Banking and Bill Pay change?

No. Expect Online Banking and Bill Pay to remain the same, only with an updated look and tagline.

Will my Online and Mobile Banking login information change?

No, you’ll be able to use your Online and Mobile banking with your same username and password even though things may look different now with our new branding.

For an easier transition, ensure that your mobile device is set to automatically update apps. 

How do I set up automatic app updates?

Apple instructions:

Apple Store:

Turn on or turn off automatic updates: On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store. Then turn on or turn off App Updates.

Android instructions:

Update Android apps automatically

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.
  2. Tap Menu (three lines, top left) then Settings.
  3. Tap Auto-update apps.
  4. Select an option: Over any network to update apps using either Wi-Fi or mobile data. Over Wi-Fi only to update apps only when connected to Wi-Fi.
What does it mean to be a credit union?
Citadel has always been a credit union—a not-for-profit financial institution that’s owned by its members. Since we’re not beholden to shareholders, we’re able to offer our members better rates. With our new brand, our identity is made clear to all those we serve and to our greater community. We are proud to be member-owned.
What does your new tagline, “Building Strength Together” mean?
The new tagline “Building Strength Together” reflects our commitment to guiding members to their strongest financial future. Together, we believe we can build a stronger future for us all.
Why was “Federal” removed from your name? Does this mean my funds are no longer federally insured?

Citadel remains a federally chartered credit union.

Prior to our brand update, we went by simply “Citadel” and rarely “Citadel FCU.” Through extensive research, we determined that It was important context to understand Citadel is a credit union, which is why you’ll see that in our branding today. During our research, we also identified that “Federal” led people to believe they had to be a member of the military, army, or navy, or be a government employee.Citadel Federal Credit Union is still our legal name.

Funds continue to be insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). The NCUA insures members’ deposits through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. This means your account is still insured through the NCUSIF for up to $250,000 per deposit share and is backed by the “full faith and credit” of the US Government.

(Please note that NCUA insurance does not insure money invested into mutual funds, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies and annuities.) Your account will still be protected and backed in the event of an economic disaster or recession, including the one we are currently going through.

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