Fraudsters are targeting Citadel members and other individuals in our area. Stay alert for these red flags and warning signs.

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What We Do To Protect You

We’re committed to informing you on any security updates and providing resources to keep your accounts safe.

What We Do To Protect You

We Take Security Seriously

Citadel monitors your accounts 24/7 for suspicious activity, and we update members immediately if something is detected. In addition, we’re dedicated to keeping you informed about any new security threats or scams targeted at consumers. We offer several resources to keep you up-to-speed on security, along with tips to help you protect your accounts and information.

Security Alerts

Set up custom account alerts in Online & Mobile Banking to get notified by text message, email, or push notifications for transactions and other card activity:

Member Verify & One-Time Codes

To better protect against identity theft, Citadel requires members to provide a one-time verification code when calling member care to authenticate members. These codes will only be required when members call into Member Care and will only be sent to the phone number associated with the account.

Remember, Citadel will NEVER call or text you asking for personal information. If you receive a call requesting private info hang up immediately and contact us at 800-666-0191.

Cybersecurity & Scam Protection

As technology advances, you can be sure that identity thieves are not far behind. Citadel has a number of ways to report a scam or cybersecurity breach. If you suspect you are being scammed, call us immediately at 800-666-0191, video chat us through Video Connect, or stop into a branch and talk to an expert in person. Staying alert is your best line of defense!