What You Can Do To Prevent Fraud

Your best line of defense against scammers is you.

Protect Your Accounts

Stay Alert. Stay Protected.

When it comes to keeping your accounts and private information secure, knowledge is your most valuable resource. Knowing what to look out for and what types of scams are popular is the easiest way to avoid becoming a victim. And we can help!

Citadel is dedicated to providing you with information on current scams and tactics so you can know how to spot scammer and how to report fraud in Pennsylvania. Check back here regularly so you can gain insights and tips on how to spot the latest scams.

Text Message Scams

Recently, there have been several reports of members receiving spam text messages from phone numbers that are unaffiliated with Citadel Credit Union. In some instances, they mention Citadel in the text, other times they do not. The message typically suggests that there may be fraud appearing on a member’s account and to text back a reply.

Ways to Avoid Text Message Scams

Do not provide personal information to a caller or text message

Do not provide personal information to a caller or text message: Citadel will never call or text you and ask for personal information. Contact Member Care immediately if someone says they are from Citadel and asks for any information such as your account numbers, social security number, or address.

Maintain a heightened level of suspicion if you weren’t expecting the call or text message

Maintain a heightened level of suspicion if you weren’t expecting the call or text message: If you were not expecting a call or text message from Citadel, be extra cautious. If you feel uncomfortable with the conversation, end the call immediately and call Citadel Member Care at (800) 666-0191 or visit a local branch.

Filter unwanted calls or text messages

Filter unwanted calls or text messages: Your phone may have an option to filter and block messages from unknown senders or spam.

Text scam example:

Text scam example: Remember, although a text may claim it is from Citadel, fraudsters can spoof their messages to look like it is coming from Citadel or another financial institution. 

Please remember that Citadel will never ask you to verify your personal information. DO NOT give out your account number, debit/credit card number, or Social Security number to a fraudster texting you like the example below. Be aware, the phone number doesn't belong to Citadel and the criminals are seeking a great deal of private information in order to steal your identity and money. In addition, the text may tell you to click on a link to learn more about the issue. These links may take you to a spoofed website that looks real but isn’t. If you log in, the scammers can then steal your user name and password.

text message scams

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Ways to Report Text Message Scams

 ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming

Recently, there have been several reports of skimming devices put on ATMs and gas pumps across the Greater Philadelphia area. These devices can read your card numbers and send them to a scammer, so they withdraw money right from your account.

Ways to Avoid Skimming Devices

  • Thoroughly check an ATM or gas pump for anything that looks like the device pictured below.
  • Only use secure Citadel ATMs located at our branches for the most secure transaction.

Ways to Report Skimming

  • Contact a representative from Citadel's Member Care Team at (800) 666-0191.
  • Tell an employee of the establishment the skimmer was found at.
  • Report it to the Federal Trade Commission at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.