Congratulations, your auto loan is paid off!

Find out your next steps and learn more about Citadel membership.

Thank You For Financing Your Auto Loan with Citadel

We’d like to let you know what to expect next and how you can continue to take advantage of your Citadel Credit Union membership.

About Your Title

When trading in your car, the title will go directly to the dealership. Otherwise, you will receive your title from the DMV in the state of issue within 4-6 weeks of paying off your loan. If you don’t receive it in that time frame, please contact us at

Be Sure to Cancel Any Automatic Payments

Payments Set up with Citadel
  • If you’ve set up an automatic payment for your auto loan in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, or Bill Payer, it will be necessary for you to cancel the payment to stop it from coming out of your account. In Online and Mobile Banking, click on ‘Payments’ to remove the recurring payment. In Bill Payer, simply select 'Cancel' under the scheduled payment within the ‘Pending Payments’ list.
Payments set up with a financial institution other than Citadel
  • If you have automatic payments set up with a financial institution other than Citadel, be sure to contact them and have all future payments canceled for your Citadel auto loan.  If we do receive a payment after the loan is paid, we will deposit the funds into your Citadel savings account. 

GAP and Extended Warranties

Please check the details of your GAP policy or warranty if applicable to see what coverages are still in effect and if you are entitled to a refund for unused funds.

Your Savings Account Will Remain Open

When you purchased your car, your membership was activated with a $5 deposit made by Citadel to a savings account.* To allow you time to review all of our products and services, your membership and savings account will remain open for 12 months. Review your savings account balance in Online & Mobile Banking . 

*Please note - Your savings account may be subject to an inactivity fee. Learn more.

Making the Most of Your Citadel Membership

When your auto loan and savings account were initiated, you became a member of Citadel Credit Union with access to many benefits. Build on your membership by adding Citadel’s Cash Rewards Mastercard or Free Checking! You can open online, or we will be more than happy to provide personal assistance through Video Connect. We are ranked among the top 1% of credit unions nationwide for returning value to our members, and we encourage you to take advantage of our full suite of financial products, including:

Get $300* on us

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