Fraudsters are targeting Citadel members and other individuals in our area. Stay alert for these red flags and warning signs.

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It’s time to get more for your business!

Switch from your current Citadel business credit card to the Citadel Business Rewards Mastercard and earn 30,000 Bonus points (a $300 cash value)!

Please read the disclosure information below.

I (We) present this application/statement and certify that all statements are true and complete to the best of my (our) knowledge and for the purpose of obtaining credit from the credit union and that no unfavorable information known to me (us) or called for herein has been omitted. I(We) have no other debts and authorize you to obtain such information as you may require concerning the statements made in this application/statement. I (We) agree that the usual credit inquiries may be made to verify statements herein. I (We) agree that this application/statement remain the property of the credit union whether the loan is granted or not. Any balance you have on your current business mastercard account will be transferred to this new account. The APR may be different than your current card account, please see Rewards Mastercard Full Disclosure for full details.

Mastercard Disclosure:

Business Rewards Mastercard Disclosures