Shorten Your Mortgage Term

Are you ready to shorten your mortgage term? Our Condensed Refinance helps you save time and interest with low closing costs and minimal fees.

Condensed Refinance

Refinance your mortgage for a shorter term of 15 years or less with Citadel’s Condensed Refinance. If you have some room in your budget to put more toward your mortgage each month – switching to a shorter loan term can be a smart move.

With Citadel’s Condensed Refinance, you’ll save thousands on interest over the life of your loan with a shorter term. In addition, you’ll enjoy a low, fixed fee at closing, and few requirements to speed up the process. A shorter mortgage term also means you’ll pay off your mortgage sooner and build equity faster.

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Additional Features

  • No pre-payment penalties – We do not charge penalties if you want to pay off your mortgage early.
  • Servicing by Citadel – Citadel will be your mortgage servicer. You’ll make payments to Citadel, and we’ll be your point of contact for any questions you may have.
  • Online & Mobile Banking – Make payments and manage your loan account. Learn More.
  • Refinance Loan Calculator – Use our refinance loan calculator to analyze your situation and help you meet your goals sooner.

Condensed Refinance Rates

*Offers are subject to credit approval. REG = Regular Rate. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Read Full Disclosures.

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Please Note: Since Citadel is a credit union, you can open an account with us if you live, work, worship, or study in the following Pennsylvania counties: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster*, Montgomery or Philadelphia. You can also become a Citadel customer if a member of your family or household is eligible to be a customer, no matter where you live. *People who do any of the following in the City of Lancaster: work, worship, perform volunteer services, participate in programs to alleviate poverty or participate in associations headquartered in the city. Citadel Mortgage loans are available in PA, NJ, MD and DE.

Best For...
Members looking to shorten the life of their mortgage loan and save on interest
Homeowners looking for a low rate on a short-term mortgage
Those who can afford a slightly higher mortgage payment each month

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Condensed Refinance

Rate expressed as Annual Percentage Rate (APR), and is subject to change without notice. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. APR shown is for first-lien position loans up to 80% Loan-To-Value (LTV) on single-family owner-occupied properties in PA, NJ, MD, and DE. Various APRs and terms are available. There is no title insurance policy regardless of loan amount, however, loan amounts over $400,000 will require an appraisal. Lender fees will apply. Other restrictions may apply. LTVs below 80% may escrow taxes at request of homeowner. Offer is subject to credit approval, income verification, title search, and appraisal. Existing mortgage loans must be current and have no late payments in the last 12 consecutive months. Property insurance is required. If the collateral is determined to be in an area that has special flood areas, flood insurance will be required as well. Property cannot be a co-op or mobile home. *Rate as of .