What is changing in Bill Payer?

Frequently Asked Question

As part of our overall Digital Experience upgrade, Online and Mobile Banking, along with Bill Payer, is being upgraded to a more streamlined and user-friendly platform.

The new Bill Payer system will make it easier for you to manage your bills in one place and give you more options for bill management. This new look & feel will be integrated across both desktop and mobile for a seamless experience.

Additional benefits include:

✔ Instant/real time payments to large billers
✔ New bill payment alerts via email, text or push

Please note: all electronic payments funds will withdrawal on the 'Send Date' in the new system, not the delivery date.

On May 23, you’ll be able to experience our new, upgraded Bill Pay service along with all of the other exciting new features we’re rolling out. If you would like to learn more about our overall digital upgrade visit Citadelbanking.com/EmpowerYou.