How can I view if my Bill Payer payment is being issued electronically or by check to a biller?

Frequently Asked Question

Once you access Bill Payer, navigate to 'Manage Billers'. Choose which biller you would like to review and using the 3-dot ellipses menu, select 'View | Edit Biller'. This will take you to the biller details. Under 'Biller Information', you will see 'Accepted Payment Type'. This will state Electronic or Check, which is the payment method used to send payments to this payee. 

Additionally, when on the 'Manage Billers' page, each biller has an icon of a check or an 'E' to denote payment method. 

We do periodic reviews of payees to convert as many as possible to electronic payments. When a payee is converted to electronic, an email notification is sent to validate the change.  

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