What is the difference between Bill Pay and eBills?

Frequently Asked Question

Bill Payer is the service we offer to help you organize and pay your bills in one location, the Bill Center.

eBills (electronic bills) are online versions of paper bills that you receive, view, and pay through the Bill Payer service. Although it may look different, all the information from your paper bill--account balances, transactions, and statement information--is presented online, and the frequency of the bill remains the same. You can print eBills for your records, set reminders to pay the eBill when it’s due, or set up automatic payments.

Once set up, eBills arrive in Online & Mobile Banking’s BillPay section, similar to how a paper bill is delivered to your mailbox. You can set up notifications to alert you when a new eBill arrives and view all your eBills and statement information in one convenient place.

Some billers do not offer eBills, but you can still make payments through the Bill Payer service by entering your account and payment information. The difference is you will not receive a digital or electronic version of your actual bill in the Bill Payer service.