Pay the way YOU want at Citadel! Citadel offers a number of secure and convenient ways for you to make your payments. Choose from easy payment options such as:


Online and Mobile Banking

The easiest and most convenient ways to make your payments are through Online and Mobile Banking. Explore all of the safe and secure options by reading the Online and Mobile Banking tab or log in now and make a payment.

At a Branch

Stop by any Citadel branch to make your payment. We’’ll be glad to see you! Read the “ATM & Branch Locator” tab below to learn how to find the closest branch location directly in our mobile app or find one now.

Bill Payer

Hassle-free bill pay is just a few taps or clicks away. Use Bill Payer to pay your new loan and consolidate all of your monthly expenses in one place. Read the “Bill Payer” tab below of details or log in and start using Bill Payer.

By Mail

Mail your new loan payments directly to Citadel. Read the “Mail your Payment” tab below for more our mailing address and start mailing your payments to Citadel today.

Express Payments

Pay now using your cdebit card or by authorizing an eCheck. Read the “Express Payments” tab below for more details or make your secure payment now.

Bank By Phone

Make a payment by simply picking up the phone and using Bank By Phone. Read the “Bank By Phone” tab below for more instructions or review the reference guide.

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  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • ATM & Branch Locator
  • Bill Payer
  • Mail your Payment
  • Express Payments
  • Bank By Phone

Online and Mobile Banking

    • Enroll in Online and Mobile Banking and pay your bill with your Citadel checking account or an external account. In Online or Mobile Banking, pay your new loan with your  Citadel checking account by:
      • Selecting the Transfer Funds Funds Transfer > select your checking account in the From field and the loan account in the To field. 
      • Pay with an external account by simply navigating to External Accounts > Transfer Funds > Add An External Account and follow the instructions to set up an external account.

      After the external account has been set up, you can transfer funds to make payments in any amount and at any time. Transfers initiated by 2:00 pm each business day will be credited to your Citadel Loan on the next business day.

      You can also set up a recurring transfer from another financial institution through Online Banking, so that the same payment amount is made on the same date every month. Or, you can complete the Recurring Automatic Payment Form and send it to us:

      • By Fax: (610) 466-6419 (ATTN: Support Services)
      • By Mail: 520 Eagleview Boulevard, Exton, PA 19341
      • In person at any Citadel branch

ATM & Branch Locator

  1. Once logged into the Citadel Mobile App, tap ATM/Branch Locator from the menu.
  2. A new window will open that will allow you to refine your search, zoom and get directions.
  3. Tap Download To GPS to send the results directly to your mobile GPS application. Tap Done to return to the main menu.

Find a local branch online by clicking here.

Bill Payer

Making your payment inside of Bill Payer is easy with your Citadel checking account. Enroll in Bill Payer inside of Online and Mobile Banking.

      • Select on “Pay Bills” and then “Add a company or person.”
      • Search the network for Citadel, select Citadel Loans/MC, add your account number, and you’re done!

NOTE: Members must have a Citadel checking account to use Bill Pay.

Mail your Payment

Mail your payments to:

P.O. Box 650
Exton, PA 19341

Express Payments

Citadel offers you an option if you have cut things a little close and need to make a payment right away. Payments will be accepted and posted 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will post at approximately 9:00 PM every day. For a small fee, you can pay by debit card or transfer from another financial institution by authorizing an eCheck.

Just click Make a Secure Payment or call us at (800) 666-0191. It’’s easy and fast! Payments will be accepted and posted 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will post at approximately 9:00 PM every day.

Consumer loans will incur a $2.95 fee.
Real estate loans will incur a $5.95 fee.

Bank By Phone

Citadel’s Bank by Phone service is a free, 24-hour telephone access service. With Bank by Phone you can enjoy complete access to account information and financial transactions right from your phone. Voice prompts walk you through this easy-to-use system with options customized to the products and services within your account.

Call 1-800-666-5783 to get started. To log in to our Bank by Phone, you will need the following information: (A) Member ID/Account number; (B) Personal Identification Number (PIN); and (C) Suffix Index (see chart below).

      • 0000 Primary Savings Account
      • 0001 – 0019 Additional Savings Accounts
      • 0020 – 0029 Club Accounts
      • 0040 – 0049 IRA Money Markets
        (Traditional, Educational, Roth, Conversion, or SEP)
      • 0070 – 0089 Checking Account
      • 0090 – 0099 Money Market Account
      • 1000 – 1999 Regular Certificates
      • 4000 – 4999 IRA Certificates

Note: Loan suffixes are unique to each account. Please refer to your statement.

Once you have logged in to the system you will be presented with four main options:
(A) Select an account; (B) Transfer money; (C) All account balances; and (D) More choices.

Press “0” at any time to speak to a representative for help.

You can view and print this handy reference guide for more details and instructions.

Couldn’t find the answer you were looking for? Visit our Contact Us page and speak to one of our representatives for answers to your questions. We’’re here when you need us.