Laura Balint: Insurance Agent

Laura Balint, Insurance Agent

Laura Balint

Clarity and Service for Your Insurance Needs

Laura Balint is Citadel’s insurance agent and expert, helping Citadel members understand and secure personal, auto, and home insurance coverage.

Laura, a seasoned insurance agent, has been servicing Citadel members’ insurance needs for over 20 years, and has worked in the credit union industry for over 30 years. Laura started as an insurance claim processor and became a licensed insurance agent in 2009.

Licensed to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, Laura specializes in helping families and individuals secure personal, auto, and home insurance. Throughout her career, she has helped hundreds of people find the right coverage for their lifestyle and financial needs. Laura makes herself available to clients 24/7, and prides herself on being a phone call away. She genuinely enjoys providing clients the information behind insurance costs and what exactly their coverage includes, so no details are hidden or unclear.

“Everyone needs insurance, but not everyone knows what coverage they have. After an evaluation of my client’s needs, I recommend what coverage is best suited for them and at the best rates I can offer. While I try to save my clients money when possible, my goal is to provide peace of mind and a relationship built on trust. It’s important for me to ensure my clients understand they can call me at any time, with any questions.”

Laura and her husband spend personal time following their son’s pursuit of his baseball dreams.  

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