How do I qualify to be eligible for Skip-a-Pay on my account(s)?

Frequently Asked Question

To qualify for Skip-a-Pay, your loan must meet the following requirements:

  1. All loan and deposit accounts must be in good standing. No accounts may have a negative balance, and all loans must be current at the time of the request (grace period does not apply).
  2. You may not have any charge offs, bankruptcy filings, or repossession against the credit union.
  3. You can skip any eligible loan one time every six months. If you have multiple loans that are eligible, each loan will be on separate cycles depending on if/when they were last skipped.
  4. You are able to request to skip a payment up until 11:59 pm of the loan due date. The earliest Skip-a-Pay can be requested is after you make your payment for the month prior to the month you want to skip.