Due to industry-wide card production delays, there are longer than normal wait times for mailed debit/credit cards. New debit cards can be instantly issued in our branches. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to ensure the issue is permanently resolved.

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I’m using Safari and I am having trouble viewing eDocuments; how can I view my eStatements?

Frequently Asked Question

Ensure the Citadel Website is open on your browser, then follow these steps:

  • Download Adobe Reader from https://get.adobe.com/reader/, in order to utilize the PDF viewing capability in Safari.
  • Via Safari menu, click on 'Preferences'
  • Once the window opens, select the 'Security' tab.
  • Ensure 'Enable Java Script' is checked next to Web Content.
  • In the same window, select the 'Websites' tab to find Internet plugs-ins
  • Select 'Adobe Reader' at the bottom under Plug-Ins. You should see Citadelbanking.com and Citadelonlinebanking.com (both are showing 'ASK' by default )
  • Change it to ON temporarily (or keep as 'ON' to retain Citadel as a trusted source. You can change it back to 'ASK' once completed.) Safari will present a warning, which you can click through to accept the changes.

Your eStatement should now be rendering correctly!