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What happens after my Mortgage or Home Equity loan is paid off?

Frequently Asked Question

We’ll mail you a paid in full letter to confirm that your mortgage has been paid off.

If there is any overage due to you after the payoff has been processed, funds will be automatically deposited into your Citadel savings account. If you prefer to receive a check, please contact us at 800-666-0191 ext. 6220

The mortgage satisfaction will be sent to the county for recording. Although we send out Satisfactions within 6 days of the payoff, the lien release can take up to 60 days, based on the time it takes the County to record the Satisfaction. When the Recorded Satisfaction is returned to us, we will forward a copy to your mailing address on file. Please keep this document as proof that your loan is paid in full. If you have moved, please contact us to make sure we have the most updated mailing address.