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What do I do if there is an insurance claim on my property?

Frequently Asked Question

If there is an insurance claim on your property, the following steps must be followed before Citadel will endorse the insurance claim check:

  • All Citadel Federal Credit Union real estate secured loans must be paid current.
  • You must provide a completed and final estimate of the damages from your homeowner’s insurance company.  You can save time by sending this estimate to us before you receive the insurance check.   Send the Estimate of Damages with your name, contact information, and Citadel Account number by one of these methods:
    • Email to:
    • Fax to: 610-380-6083
    • Mail to:
      Citadel Federal Credit Union
      Attention: Mortgage Servicing
      1209 West Chester Pike, Suite 201
      West Chester, PA 19382


If the total Claim  is $10,000 or less AND Mortgage Servicing has reviewed your Claim information:

  • Have all parties sign your insurance claim check
  • Bring your check into any of our branches or mail your check to us at the address above. We will endorse and return it to you, or deposit the funds into your Citadel account.

If the total Claim is more than $10,000 AND Mortgage Servicing has reviewed your Claim information::

  • Have all parties sign your claim check
  • Send us the signed estimate(s)  and or draw schedule(s) from contractor(s) 
  • Your check will be deposited to your Citadel savings account and put on hold.
  • Funds will be released with invoices from contractor. These checks will be payable to you and your contractor.
  • Inspection will be required to ensure the repair is completed. Once we receive the final inspection that all works have been completed, we will issue a check for the remaining funds.
  • Inspection fee is $125 and usually comes from the insurance claim funds.
  • For near or total loss (claims is 80% or more of actual value of the property), it may be necessary to have more than one inspection; one at each stage of the process. Please contact us at 610-380-6000 ext. 6220 to discuss the details of your claim.