Will Citadel's ID Theft service notify me of fraud on my credit or debit cards or just for Identity theft?

Frequently Asked Question

Citadel ID Theft Protection does not monitor or alert on specific transactions made on your credit cards. However, with Internet Monitoring, we will proactively monitor the Internet for accounts and personally identifiable information (PII) that you specify. In addition to your registered PII, you can monitor black market websites, chat rooms and bulletin boards for up to 50 unique pieces of personal and account information. The service can also monitor the Dark Web for your credit card numbers and bank account information. You will receive email and text alerts and you can access your account at any time to get details on the severity and recommended action when any of your monitored information is located. Recovery Advocates are ready to assist you with all types of fraud - financial and non-financial in the event you are a victim.

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