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What happens to an account when the only owner is deceased?

Frequently Asked Question

• If the balance on deposit in the account date of death is under $10,000.00, an original death certificate and copy of paid funeral bill is required to process the account .
• If the balance on deposit in the account  on date of death is over $10,000.00, an original death certificate and original short certificate or Letters of Administration is required. Either of these can be obtained through the decedent’s local county Register of Wills office. This is to let the financial institution know who can act on an account on behalf of the deceased person.
• To protect your loved one’s assets, the funds on deposit will be placed on hold to ensure that money is not leaving the account. We are not able to determine which debits can be paid, so please let the companies know you will return by other means.
• All loans will be reviewed and handled by our Collections Department. They can be contacted at (866) 739-0070. 
• All automatic debits will be canceled as all funds will be placed on hold until the account is closed or transferred to an estate account.