How can I avoid identity theft?

Frequently Asked Question

A few preventative measures you can take:

  • Remove mail promptly from your mailbox and never use your mailbox for outgoing mail as identity thieves raid mailboxes for credit card offers and statements
  • Shred all mail that you discard so that all offers, names and addresses are no longer legible
  • Safeguard your Social Security number
  • Do not give out your credit card number over the phone unless you initiate the transaction
  • Be careful with your receipts, making sure you have them when you leave the store or ATM and do not throw them away in public trash cans
  • Destroy pre-approved credit card offers before you throw them away
  • Account for all new checkbooks when you receive them in the mail
  • Commit all passwords and PINs to memory so they cannot be compromised
  • Review your credit report from time to time

Below are the three Credit Bureaus to contact: