How are Estate Accounts handled?

Frequently Asked Question

An Estate Account is a term used to describe an account opened in the name of an estate of a deceased individual. The account can be opened by the individual assigned as the representative of the estate.

When the representative(s) is ready to open the Estate Account, an original death certificate and the original Short Certificate or a Letter of Administration must be presented. The representative must provide an EIN number issued by the IRS. If the representative(s) does not have an EIN, they can obtain one through one of the following options: EIN online application
• By phone: (800) 829-4933
• By fax: (631) 687-3995 using form SS-4

Trust Accounts:

• An original death certificate will need to be provided by the trustee(s) of the trust.
• Checks can still be written on the account.
• A copy of the trust documents may be requested.

Business/Non Personal accounts:

• An original death certificate will need to be provided.
• Additional documentation may be required, depending on the type of account.