What account information should I use to set up Direct Deposit for an employer or IRS?

Frequently Asked Question

It's pretty simple to set up direct deposit. Be sure to talk to your employer about a direct deposit form or see if you can update it online. You will need to supply your account information for direct deposit. For the IRS, please be sure to give your account information to your tax accountant or the IRS when filing.

This is what you'll need:

  • Our bank routing number – 231380104
  • Your account number – You can find this on the bottom of your checks directly to the right of the bank routing number, you can also find this in Online and Mobile Banking by following these quick steps:
    1. Once you’ve logged in, click into the account for which you would like to review the electronic funds transfer (EFT) account number.
    2. Once you are in the account history view, select the ‘Details’ tab, next to ‘Transactions’.
    3. On this tab you will see, ‘ACH (EFT) Account Number’.