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Why did I receive two new contactless credit cards and what should I do?

Frequently Asked Question

Unfortunately, due to a processing issue, you may have been issued two new contactless credit cards. This error occurred either because your old Citadel card was close to its expiration date or your card was being reissued for another reason.

To ensure the correct card is active, please take the following actions.

What You Need to Do

  • Destroy the first contactless card received.
  • Activate and use the second card received with the latest expiration date.

For example:
If you receive two cards, one with an expiration date of October 2025 and one with an expiration date of November 2025, activate the November 2025 card and destroy the October 2025 card.

Benefits & Features of Your New Cards

  • Greater security. With built-in, EMV-grade chip security, you can enjoy safe and secure contactless payments.
  • Faster checkouts. Speed through checkout with your Citadel Mastercard with a simple tap.
  • Safety & convenience. Touch fewer surfaces at check out – simply look for the contactless symbol where you shop.

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