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Where can I find a confirmation for a scheduled bill payment?

Frequently Asked Question

Each time you schedule a payment you will receive a payment confirmation page prior to finalizing your payment. You can view all scheduled payments in Bill Center in the ‘Bill & Payments’ tab. 

Payments that are Pending or have been Paid (last 30 days) will be listed in the Pending/Paid section on the 'Bills & Payments' tab in Bill Center.

To see the activity for a specific biller or payee:

  • Select the biller in the 'Manage Billers' tab
  • Select the 3-dot ellipses menu, then 'View Activity'
  • The Activity information will show whether a payment was sent electronically or as a paper check through the mail. 
  • Paper check payments will indicate Mailed and include a check number (You can view the cleared check in your Checking history.)

Electronic payments will indicate 'Delivered'.