What is the difference between all payment statuses in Bill Payer?

Frequently Asked Question

There are several payment statuses in Bill Payer to help manage your payments:

  • Canceled - Typically occurs when a payment has begun processing, but the account is closed after the fact.
  • Created - This is a temporary status that only exists during our processing window. It can be treated the same as "pending."
  • Delivered - A payment has been completed and the payee has their money.
  • Failed Funding - An electronic payment was rejected by the data core (NSF, account closed, invalid account, etc.).
  • In Process - An electronic payment is being processed.
  • Mailed - A check payment has been mailed.
  • Past Due - Will display only if the user has any bills that are past due (eBills only).
  • Payment Stopped - A check payment submitted had a stop payment request placed against it undeliverable - a check payment was undeliverable.
  • Pending - A payment has been scheduled.
  • Postal Return - A check payment has been returned.
  • Returned - A returned electronic payment has been refunded back to a member account.

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