How do I print an eBill statement?

Frequently Asked Question

An eBill is an exact copy of your paper bill, only in electronic form. If you’d like to keep a paper copy, or need a copy for any reason, you can print out your eBill from Bill Payer. Please note you must be enrolled in your biller’s eBill for your statement to be available. If you are not enrolled in eBill, you will be unable to print your statement.

To print your eBill:

  1. Navigate to the biller on the Smart View tab
  2. Tap the three dots ⋮ (on the right)
  3. Select Bill Details, then View Statement, or simply View Statement
  4. Your browser will download your statement automatically. If you cannot find your statement or it does not open in a new browser window or tab, check your Downloads folder
  5. You can now print your statement using your browser’s print function