How do I add, change, or delete payee information?

Frequently Asked Question

Add a New Biller 

From the Bill Center on the 'Bills & Payments' tab, there are two options:

  • Search for your biller under 'Add New Billers'. As you begin typing, suggestions will appear. You can also select your biller from the options on display. Follow the prompts to validate your billing zip code and add your account number. You may be prompted to enroll in eBills, but you can opt out at this time and set it up later if you wish.
  • Select 'Add Biller Manually', enter the required information, and save.

Please note: Please have an account statement for the biller available as you will need to confirm information such as payment addresses and account numbers.

Remove a Biller
  • Remove a biller by selecting the 'Manage Billers' tab.
  • Locate the biller you wish to remove.
  • Select the 3-dot ellipses menu, then 'View | Edit Biller'
  • Delete the biller and confirm.
Update a Biller

Update a biller by selecting the 'Manage Billers' tab, then choose the biller you would like to manage. 

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