How can I be sure that no one else can access my Bill Payer account?

Frequently Asked Question

When you use Online & Mobile Banking, including Bill Payer, all data is encrypted and is also protected using standard e-commerce security practices, including firewall technology. You will access the system by entering your account number and password.

Passwords ARE NOT kept on file at Citadel. Only persons with this information can access your account. Be sure not to release this information to anyone you do not want to fully authorize as a user on your account.

To change your password in Online & Mobile Banking, or update your security settings:

  • Online Banking 💻: Select your profile picture or icon in the upper right corner, then select Security.
  • Mobile App 📱: Select the Menu in the lower right corner. Scroll down to Settings, then select Security.

Once you are on the Credentials tab, you can change your username and/or password. You can also further secure your account by:

  • Using additional measures such as Two-Factor or push notifications, or an authentication app such as Google Authenticator on the Authentication tab.
  • Reviewing, renaming, and deleting devices that have accessed your account on the Devices tab.

For more information and tips to help protect yourself and your accounts, visit our Security Center.