Don’t Be Denied!

Sign up for Courtesy Pay to cover your debit card transactions.

It’s easy to overlook having sufficient funds in your checking account. At Citadel, we provide protection from budget miscalculations with Debit Card Courtesy Pay! Citadel’s Debit Card Courtesy Pay can cover your debit card transactions if your purchases exceed your available balance so you can shop with confidence. Qualified Courtesy Pay users will not have their debit card transactions declined. There is a $33 fee for each occurrence.

For more information, please read the Courtesy Pay Disclosure and then click on the button above.

Overdraft protection is also available at Citadel. When your checking account does not have the available funds to cover a transaction, overdraft protection could be activated. Transfers from a Star Savings, Money Market or Personal Line of Credit account would be activated to cover any unavailable funds.