Citadel Debit Mastercard®


Access your funds anytime, anywhere.

Pay for all your purchases from your checking account, without writing a check. Get cash from ATMs worldwide, earn Rewards Points and get all the benefits of MasterCard purchase protection.

Why use a Citadel Debit MasterCard?

With your Citadel Debit MasterCard you can:

Don’t Be Denied!

Citadel Courtesy Pay is an overdraft service that enables us to cover your everyday debit card purchases exceeding your available balance.

We understand that mistakes can happen from time to time. Don’t experience embarrassing moments at the register being denied for a transaction. With this service, each time you overdraft, the transaction will still go through with a fee of $33. Get more details.

Push Credit to earn Rewards Points

When using your debit card for purchases, be sure to choose “Credit” to get rewards points. You’ll earn 1 point for every $3 spent with signature based Citadel Debit MasterCard transactions. Then, redeem your points for travel, great merchandise, even cash!

  • Choose credit for everyday debit card purchases and watch your points pile up faster
  • Earn 1 point for every $3 net spent with signature based Citadel Debit MasterCard transactions

Learn More about Citadel Rewards Points

24/7 Card Hotline

If your Citadel Debit Card is ever lost or stolen, call us right away: (800) 449-7728

Traveling Abroad?

To prevent your Debit MasterCard card purchases from being declined when you are traveling abroad, call us at (800) 666-0191 before you leave. We’ll update our fraud detecting system to allow access from the areas where you are planning to travel.