Can I transfer funds to another Citadel member in Online and Mobile Banking?

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, you can easily transfer funds to any Citadel member. You will just need to know the member's account number, the account suffix, the type of account (checking, savings, loan, etc.) and the first three letters of their last name. Note: If the recipient's name has punctuation, you will need to include that in "First Three of Last Name" field i.e. O'Brien is O'B. Simply select 'Member to Member' under 'Transactions' and follow these easy steps:

-Choose the "From Account" from which the funds will be drawn (debited).
-Enter the desired amount.
-Enter an optional "Description" to help you in identifying this transaction later.
-Enter the "To Account Number" for whom the funds will be transferred to.
-Enter the Share/Loan ID
-Choose the correct "Account Type" for the account receiving the funds.
-Enter the first three letters of the recipient’s last name.

Once all information has been entered, click on "Continue" to process transaction.