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COVID-19: All Branch Lobbies Are Closed, Drive-Up Access is Open

As of November 25, our branch lobbies are closed at all locations due to recent spikes in COVID-19. Our drive-up access remains open.  For more information, visit CitadelBanking.com/COVID19.

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How do I set my card up for international travel?

Frequently Asked Question

To set up your card for international travel you will follow the below steps

  • Log into the Citadel Mobile App
  • Tap Menu
  • Tap Manage Cards
  • Tap Card control to be taken to the Card Control App
  • If you have multiple cards, swipe right to find the card(s) that you will be using while traveling
  • Tap Control Preferences
  • Tap Locations
  • Tap slider for International (slider will be to the right and blue/green when activated)
  • Tap blue plus sign (+) to add a country
  • Type Country name on Allow Country screen
  • Tap blue check button in bottom right corner to save