Protecting Your Online Banking Account Is More Important Than Ever

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Cybersecurity experts agree that one of the best—and easiest—ways to prevent unauthorized access to your online accounts is to frequently update your passwords. This is especially true for bank accounts, too.

You may have even recently been prompted to change your password while signing into Citadel Online or Mobile Banking. We’ll prompt you to do this occasionally to safeguard your accounts.

Why You Should Change Your Passwords Often

Criminals continually attempt to steal unauthorized information, including users’ banking usernames and passwords, and have also developed sophisticated tools and fraud attacks to determine simplistic user passwords.

For instance, credential stuffing is a cybercrime tactic in which criminals buy, sell and use login credentials that were previously exposed due to prior security events and breaches at organizations like Yahoo, Facebook, Door Dash, and others. The cybercriminals create a computer script with the list of exposed credentials and attempt to fraudulently gain access to a website such as Online Banking.

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Criteria for Setting Strong and Secure Passwords

Citadel encourages all of our Online & Mobile Banking users to update their passwords using these requirements and recommendations, helping safeguard your accounts:

  • Use more than 6 characters—or, better yet, more than 8
  • Include at least one number—or use multiple numbers and special characters
  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters

We value your membership—and your security—and are here to help you ensure the continued protection of your Citadel accounts.

As a local credit union, we are committed to providing you will the guidance and tools to help you build financial strength, which includes keeping your information, accounts, and funds safe and protected.

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