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Employee Volunteerism

We’re not just serving our community. We’re investing in it.

Citadel isn’t just a business in the community. Our members and employees live and work here, too. And that’s what inspires us to give back. We take part in a wide variety of community initiatives and programs and make a difference in a very real way.

Our commitment to community runs deep.

We host and sponsor community events, make regular financial contributions, and encourage our employees to volunteer for causes that are important to them.

Some examples of our programs and initiatives include:

We support a variety of causes.

Hunger & Poverty

Citadel is very mindful of our community members who are less fortunate, and we step up to help. We support local food banks, accept and encourage various donations at our branches, donate computer equipment and school supplies, and work to help prepare area youth for college. In addition, we partner with the United Way each year to make sure the needs of our community are met.

Education & Literacy

Education is the cornerstone of a successful society. Since 2001, Citadel has been the proud sponsor of the Citadel Heart of Learning Award that recognizes outstanding teachers in Chester County. In addition, we believe literacy is a huge part of long-term success, and we are proud to help organizations like the United Way collect books and educational materials. We also encourage another type of literacy—financial—with seminars, fairs, and blog posts.

Health Awareness

Diseases affect the lives of so many, and Citadel aims to increase awareness where we can. We’ve raised money for various illnesses, contributed to important organizations such as CHOP’s Health and Wellness Garden, supported Community Volunteers in Medicine, and sponsored events like the YMCA’s Healthy Kids Day® to promote health and wellness.

Can we help your cause?

If there is a cause within our region that is important to you or your organization, we’d be happy to consider donating money or resources to help.

To request a financial donation, fill out the donation request form.

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