Together, We’re Building a Future Without Childhood Cancer

Citadel is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the CHOP Parkway Run & Walk. Join us in supporting CHOP and help support tomorrow’s breakthroughs.

Citadel Credit Union Presents CHOP Parkway Run & Walk

In 2020, Parkway raised $1.7 million for research for a cure and care of children with pediatric cancer.

Citadel Credit Union is proud to present Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)’s Parkway Run & Walk. The Parkway Run & Walk is the largest annual fundraiser for the Cancer Center at CHOP, an internationally recognized leader in pediatric cancer treatment and research.

Parkway & Our Mission of Building Strength Together

Citadel is dedicated to helping CHOP continue to not only achieve – but exceed – critical fundraising goals each year for childhood cancer. The Parkway Run epitomizes Citadel’s mission of Building Strength Together by allowing the organization to rally behind a truly impactful cause for the community.

Every year, Citadel creates teams of employees, their families, and Citadel members to join the thousands of supporters in the fight against pediatric cancer.

“Citadel’s mission is to build strength in our community, and one of the most important ways we do that is by supporting the CHOP Parkway Run & Walk. We are proud to support this incredibly successful fundraising endeavor that continues to surpass its goals to fight childhood cancer each year.” – Jeff March, Citadel President & CEO

“Parkway not only supports families across our local Philadelphia region, but worldwide. No matter what challenges we may face – the inspiring togetherness of community that is woven into the fabric of this event will continue to make it a success.” – Jeff March

Help Make Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs Possible

There’s no other place in the world like Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Since their start in 1855 as the nation’s first Hospital devoted exclusively to the care of children, they have been the birthplace of countless innovations and dramatic firsts in pediatric medicine. Thanks to the generosity of donors who believe in their mission, they continue to make breakthroughs every day, whether providing lifesaving care to children with complex diseases or making each family’s journey to health a little easier.

Hospitalization can have a significant impact on a child. Your donations help support CHOP’s Patient and Family Services team to provide programs to help children and families cope with the hospital experience.

Learn more about the CHOP Parkway Run & Walk and how you can get involved!

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