Congratulations! You're Pre-qualified1

Start building your dream with a Home Equity Line of Credit and receive a $100 cash bonus.2

Home Equity Line of Credit Cash Bonus

Congratulations, you’re pre-qualified1 to open a Home Equity Line of Credit! Plus, receive a $100 cash bonusfor a limited time.

With flexible access to funds to borrow as needed, you can fund a home improvement project, finance a large purchase, or consolidate higher interest debt. Apply today!

With a Home Equity Line of Credit from Citadel, you’ll enjoy:

  • A low, variable rate with an intro rate as low as 2.49% APR3
  • Easy access to funds
  • Interest-only payments for the first 10 years
  • Low closing costs
  • Tax-deductible interest (Consult your tax advisor for details)

Don’t miss out! Offer ends October 5.

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Home Equity Line of Credit Rate

Interest-Only HELOC
6 Month Intro Term

Offers are subject to credit approval. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Read Full Disclosures.

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1Pre-Qualified: Information contained in your credit report was used in connection with this offer. You received this offer because you satisfied our pre-established criteria for creditworthiness used to select individuals for this offer and based on an initial determination that you met Citadel Credit Union’s credit standards.

2$100 Cash Bonus Promotion: We will credit your primary Citadel savings account with $100 after you apply and close on a Citadel Home Equity Line of Credit (“HELOC”). There is no minimum loan amount or draw requirement necessary to receive the $100 cash bonus. Cash bonus will be deposited within 90 days from the HELOC open date. Account must be active and in good standing at the time the funds are deposited. The value of this bonus will be reported to the IRS and the recipient is responsible for any federal, state or local taxes on this offer. Cash Bonus offer expires October 5, 2022 and may be modified or withdrawn at any time.

3Offers are subject to credit approval. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Information accurate as of and may be withdrawn or subject to change without notice. Call 800.666.0191 for current information. Loan to value (LTV) is determined by dividing all outstanding loan balances by the appraised value of the property. Loans above $500,000 will require borrower to purchase title insurance. All accounts, loans, and services are subject to approval and membership eligibility requirements. Loan approval is subject to income verification. Loans are available on primary homes in PA, NJ, MD, and DE. Consult your tax advisor about deductibility of interest. Property insurance is required. If the collateral is determined to be in an area that has special flood areas, flood insurance will be required as well.

Home Equity Line of Credit Terms and Fees: 6-month introductory APR = 2.49% for line amount of $100,000 or more; 2.99% for $50,000-$99,999; 3.49% for less than $49,999. Home equity line of credit APR is established using The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate 10 days prior to the end of the month and changes on the first of the following month. Current Prime Rate as of 09/06/2022 is 5.50%. Variable APR ranges from Prime (for lines $100,000 and above) to Prime + 2.99%, depending on credit, your final loan amount, loan term, loan to value, and actual finance charges. Current home equity line of credit APR floor is 3.25%. Maximum APR is 18%. Maximum LTV = 90% with excellent credit. Closing costs include a recording fee which could vary depending on the state and/or county ($125-$275). If line is closed within three years after opening, there is a $250 early termination fee.