Achieve Your Dreams Sooner with an Interest-Only HELOC

Enjoy an introductory rate as low as 2.49%* APR and a variable rate as low as 4.99%* APR after 6 months.

Interest-Only Home Equity Line of Credit

With interest-only payments for 10 years, enjoy borrowing against your home at a lower rate and with greater repayment flexibility. You’ll have revolving access to cash with peace of mind that you’re making the lowest possible monthly payment on a Home Equity loan. Calculate your savings and consolidate debt by using Citadel's Home Equity Line of Credit calculator to see how much interest you can save today! 

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Interest-Only Payments

Make interest-only payments for the first 10 years.

home equity line of credit rates

15-Year Repayment Period

After the initial interest-only period, your balance is amortized over 15 years.

home equity line of credit rates

Generous Limits

Limits of $10,000 or more based on the equity in your home.

calculate home equity line of credit

Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit Rate

Interest Only HELOC
6 Month Intro Term

Additional Features

  • Low Closing Costs
  • Revolving Line of Credit – Up to 90% of your primary home’s appraised value or 80% of your vacation home’s appraised value, minus outstanding mortgages ($10,000 minimum).
  • Online & Mobile Banking – Make payments and manage your loan account. Learn More.
  • Tax-Deductible Interest (Consult your tax advisor for details)
  • Flexibility – You can advance payments from your loan at any time you’d like.
Best For...
Those looking to borrow against their home at a lower payment
Those looking for a revolving line of credit and flexibility for future purchasing power at their fingertips
Those who want easy access to their home’s equity
Low closing costs

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How much can I borrow from my home equity?

With interest rates at historical lows, it may make sense to consolidate some of your credit card and other personal debt into a new consolidated loan, typically a home-equity loan. Consolidation loans can significantly reduce your required monthly payment because they are generally amortized over 10 or 15 years. Use this debt consolidation calculator to determine how quickly you could get out of debt and how much interest you might save.

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Current market value of your home($)

$0 $1,000,000

Outstanding mortgage balance($)

$0 $1,000,000

Loan To Value (L.T.V)(0 to 90%)

0% 90%


Loan to Value

Maximum Loan to Value (LTV) = 90% with excellent credit. LTV is determined by dividing all outstanding loan balances by the appraised value of the property. Loans above $250,000 will require borrower to purchase title insurance. 

Loan Availability

Home Equity Loans are available on primary homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit?

A Home Equity loan lets you borrow amounts based on the amount of equity you have in your home. This type of loan provides a lump sum of money up-front and the loan balance is paid back monthly, with a fixed payment amount and a fixed interest rate. A home equity loan is good for people who have an immediate and specific purpose for the funds, such as home improvements or a big-ticket purchase.

A Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) is an open-ended line of credit. A credit limit is set based on the amount of equity you have in your home and can be used whenever you need it. Unlike a home equity loan, once the balance of a HELOC is paid down, the line remains open. Your monthly payment will vary based on your outstanding balance and the variable interest rate. A HELOC is best suited for people who want access to funds in the case of an emergency, have children starting college, or perhaps plan to make a series of purchases or payments over time.

Does Citadel offer a HELOC Interest-Only Calculator?

Yes, we offer a HELOC interest-only calculator on our website in the BORROW > HOME EQUITY LOANS > INTEREST-ONLY HELOC page.

How long does a homeowner need to own the home before additional equity can be borrowed?

To consider a value higher than the purchase price for purposes of taking equity from the home, the property must be owned for at least 1 year from the settlement date.

How do I calculate Home Equity Line of Credit?

To calculate your Home Equity Line of Credit, enter the current market value of your home, the outstanding mortgage balance, and the loan-to-value in our HELOC calculator on our website.

How much interest can I save if I reduce the term?

You can save thousands of dollars by choosing a 15 year term over a 30 year term.  Your monthly payment will be higher.  You need to determine what you can comfortably pay.

What are Home Equity Line of Credit rates?

To view Citadel's HELOC and Interest-Only HELOC rates, go to our Great Rates, Low Fees page and select "Mortgages & Home Equity".

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*Agreements and Disclosures

View *Agreements and Disclosures

*Offers are subject to credit approval. APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Information accurate as of and may be withdrawn or subject to change without notice. Call (800) 666-0191 for current information. Loan to value (LTV) is determined by dividing all outstanding loan balances by the appraised value of the property. Loans above $250,000 will require borrower to purchase title insurance. All accounts, loans, and services are subject to approval and membership eligibility requirements. Loans are available on primary homes in PA, NJ, MD and DE. Consult your tax advisor about deductibility of interest. Adequate homeowner’s insurance coverage is required. Citadel is an equal opportunity lender.

Home Equity Line of Credit Terms and Fees: 6 Month introductory APR =2.49% for line amount of $100,000 or more, 2.99% $50,000-$99,999, 3.49% less than $49,999. Home equity line of credit APR is established using The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate 10 days prior to the end of the month and changes on the first of the following month. Current Prime Rate as of is 5.50%. Variable APR ranges from Prime - 0.51% (for lines $100,000 and above) to Prime + 3.99%, depending on credit, your final loan amount, loan term, loan to value and actual finance charges. Current home equity line of credit APR floor is 3.99%. Maximum APR is 18%. Maximum LTV = 90% with excellent credit. No upfront closing costs. If line is closed within three years after opening, there is a $250 early termination fee.

Home Equity Loan Terms and Fees: Home equity third party fees ($415-$1000). Maximum LTV = 95% with excellent credit.