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Online & Mobile Banking Updates

citadel money manager

New - Citadel Money Manager in Online and Mobile Banking!

November 2018 Updates

Citadel Money Manager

NOW LIVE - Citadel's Money Manager is a seamless, brand new experience making it easy to manage savings, income, and loans in one place. It's simple to link your external accounts to view all of your balances, bills, and more. With this new tool, you'll enjoy:

  • A comprehensive view of all of your financial accounts
  • The ability to view details about your bills and cash flow in one place
  • New personal finance tools that let you set saving goals
  • Tools to set spending budgets by topic including dining, transportation, and more
  • A simplified view of your transactions with categorization

To learn more about these new features and how easy it is to link your accounts click here!

Most Recent Updates

Streamlined Loan Payments

Citadel recently launched a streamlined Loan Payment section in Online and Mobile Banking. The new section is available from the main menu, after Funds Transfer - 'Loan Payment'.

Selecting 'Loan Payment' will take you to a new screen that is optimized for paying your loans quicker and easier from your existing Citadel Accounts and any External Accounts you have added. Highlighted features are:

  • Transfer to any Citadel loan or credit card, with payment amounts pre-filled after selecting payment option.
  • Choose from several payment options; statement balance, minimum balance, and more!
  • View your loan details such as; Interest rate, due dates, and payoff amounts.

Citadel Account Alerts - Now Available

Citadel Account Alerts are the perfect tool to help you manage your account, giving you peace of mind when you’re on-the-go. Receive personalized alerts for your account activity via email or directly to your mobile phone. Account Alerts monitor your account every 10 minutes for new activity, ensuring you have real-time account information right at your fingertips. Learn More!

Depositing checks from your mobile device is fast, easy, and secure with Citadel’s Mobile Deposit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a nickname for my accounts in Online & Mobile Banking?

You can easily set nicknames for all of your accounts in Online and Mobile Banking. Nicknames display on your Account Overview screen and help you identify accounts more quickly and easily!

Follow these quick steps to set up nicknames:

  • Select ‘Preferences’ from the menu
  • Select ‘Account Preferences’ 
  • Choose an account to work with and select 'Nickname Account' to edit your account nickname.
  • Enter a new name and click the check mark when you are finished!


Can I change the way my accounts display in Online and Mobile Banking?

You can organize your accounts into groups. Create a new group by clicking and holding an account tile, then dragging and dropping it to the pop-up icon. Create a group nickname and click the check mark when you are finished. After a group is made, you can reorganize the Home page by deleting a group without removing those accounts from the Home page.

How do I edit my account groups in Online and Mobile Banking?

You can remove all accounts from a group by clicking and holding an account tile and dragging it to another group and dropping it. Click the Yes, delete button to delete the group. Additionally, you can re-order your accounts on the Account Preferences screen by clicking the up or down arrows.

Can I edit the titles of my grouped accounts in Online and Mobile Banking?

The names of existing groups can be edited in just two easy steps:

Click the pencil/edit icon to edit your group nickname.
Enter a new name and click the check mark when you are finished.

How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?

Simply download the app from the Google Play or iTunes store and click the enroll option.

Still have questions? Visit our help center.