Banking Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy fast, secure, and convenient access to your Citadel accounts.

Mobile banking has never been easier.

Citadel’s simple and convenient mobile banking app lets you bank at anytime, from anywhere. Enjoy the security and flexibility of online banking through our mobile app right from your phone.

Try our newly enhanced mobile banking app and take advantage of services such as:

Deposit a check by phone.

Deposit checks into your account simply by taking a picture of your paper check using the mobile app.

How to Deposit a Check in the Mobile App

  1. Select the account you wish to make a deposit into.
  2. Enter check number and amount, then tap Save.
  3. Tap the Capture Image button for each side.
  4. Verify that all four corners of the check are visible and all elements are legible.
  5. Take the image of the backside so that the endorsement is on the left side of the image.

Pay bills.

Hassle-free bill pay is just a few taps away. Simply sign into the mobile app and start scheduling your payments.

How to Pay Bills in the App with Bill Payer

  1. You must be enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking to use Bill Payer. If you haven’t enrolled, please do so to start using Bill Payer.
  2. Tap Pay Bills from the menu to access Bill Payer.
  3. Select the payee from the Payment Center. In the Payment Center, notice the payees are listed by name and account number.
  4. To schedule your payment, tap the From field to enter the account you wish to make the payment from. Enter the Amount and the Payment Due Date to complete the transaction. Tap the calendar to select your payment due date.
  5. Tap Send Payment when finished.

Transfer funds.

Transfer funds and add external accounts right from your mobile device.

How to Transfer Funds in the App

  1. Select the accounts that you wish to transfer funds From and To.
  2. Enter the dollar amount and date to process the transaction.
  3. (optional) If you wish to set up a recurring transaction, click the checkbox Make This a Recurring Transaction. New input fields will appear, and you will need to specify the frequency and date range for this transaction. You can choose to make this transaction Repeat Forever by checking the box under frequency.
  4. When you have finished entering all of the needed information, select Transfer Funds.
  5. If successful, a screen with an overview of your transaction will appear. All funds transfers will appear in the Activity Center whether immediate or future dated. You can view them at this time or tap Close and review at your convenience.

Locate a Citadel branch or ATM.

Find the nearest branch or ATM right from within the app.

How to Find the Closest Citadel Branch or ATM in the App

  1. Tap ATM/Branch Locator from the menu.
  2. A new window will open that will allow you to refine your search, zoom, and get directions.

Redeem rewards.

Redeem your rewards and shop at the CU Mall right from the app!

How to Redeem Rewards on the App

  1. Tap Rewards from the menu.
  2. Select rewards from the account you wish to withdraw from.
  3. A new window will open the CU Rewards mall.
  4. Start shopping and making purchases using your available rewards in the mall. Tap Done to return to the main menu.

Set and receive alerts.

Stay on top of your accounts by setting customizable alerts in the app.

How to Set up Alerts in the App

To set up alerts:

  1. Tap on the Alerts tab.
  2. To create a new alert, tap the New Alert drop-down button. Choose the kind of alert that you wish to create from the drop-down. A new screen will appear where you can enter the necessary information. Be sure to tap Save when finished.
  3. To view the alerts for each category, tap the category header.
  4. You can easily toggle an alert On/Off without deleting the alert by toggling the Enabled button.
  5. To view or change details of an already-existing alert, choose the Edit link on the right end of the alert you would like to edit. Be sure to tap Save after you change any alert details.

To edit security alerts and their delivery preferences:

  1. Tap on the Alerts tab, tap on Security Alerts.
  2. To activate or deactivate an alert, tap the On/Off button that corresponds with the appropriate alert.
  3. To edit delivery preferences, tap the Edit Delivery Preferences link at the top. These changes will apply to all security alerts.
  4. Enter the information for your preferred delivery method.
  5. Tap Save when finished.
  6. If an alert is grayed out, you are not able to edit or disable this alert.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll for Mobile Banking?

Simply download the app from the Google Play or iTunes store and click the enroll option.

Is there a charge to use Citadel Mobile Banking?

No, there is currently no charge for this service. However, the application would use data, so your wireless phone carrier may impose data or messaging charges. Please check with your wireless phone carrier for more information

Which accounts can be used for Citadel Mobile Deposit?

You can use Citadel Mobile Deposit to make remote deposits to any Primary Checking, Money Market and Savings account(s) you have available to you in Online or Mobile Banking.

How secure is Citadel Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is as safe and secure as online banking. We use the same encryption for both services. Security Recommendation: For added security we recommend a couple extra steps:

  • Keep your mobile device PIN locked or set to auto-lock keyboard with a PIN required when device is not in use.
  • Turn off your mobile browser’’s “remember password” setting. This is recommended because possession of your mobile device is considered an element of the Mobile Banking multi-factor authentication security.

Still have questions? Visit our help center.