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Money Management Made Simple

Easily manage your savings, income, and loans in one place. Learn more about Citadel’s Money Manager tool.

Money Manager

With Citadel Money Manager, it’s easy to manage your personal finances. The tool is available on your ‘Accounts’ screen in Citadel’s Online and Mobile Banking, and it lets you view all of your accounts— both internal and external—in one place.

With this tool, you’ll enjoy:

  • A clean view of all your financial accounts
  • The ability to view details about your bills and cash flow in one place
  • New personal finance tools that let you set saving goals
  • Tools to set spending budgets by topic including dining, transportation, and more
  • A simplified view of your transactions with categorization

Link Your External Accounts

It’s simple to link your external accounts to view all of your balances and bills in Online and Mobile Banking. Once everything is linked, you can track your net worth, budgets, spending, and more.

money manager

You will see options to link external accounts at the top AND bottom of your Accounts screen.



citadel money manager

It’s simple to link an account with another financial institution. All of your accounts will be linked in Online Banking, giving you a holistic view.


Track Your Spending

With Money Manager, you can easily track your spending and set budgets based on different categories. Money Manager shows a simplified transaction history with categorization. You will see all transactions (with Citadel and with your linked external accounts).

money manager

Easily track your spending, and determine if you are under or over on your budgets in real-time.

You can access Money Manager right from the Mobile App as well!

Money Manager App

It’s easy to use Money Manager from your mobile device or tablet as well. When you log into the app, you can manage your budgets and spending on-the-go.

money manager

Log in today and start managing your finances!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Citadel Money Manager?

After you login into Online Banking, you will see the Money manger tools right on the Account Overview page. Select any of the tools or 'Link External Accounts' to enroll

Once you enroll, the Citadel Money Manager agreement will appear. Click or tap Agree or Later. If you select Agree, all Money Manager functionality on the Home page is enabled. If you select Later, you will be able to see the PFM widgets, but functionality will be disabled until you accept the Money Manager Agreement.

What is Citadel Money Manager?

Citadel Money Manger is a personal finance management tool that gives consumers valuable insights into their financial behavior, activities and goals. Citadel Money manager helps consumers to organize their finances by tracking transactions, reviewing expenditures, and creating budgets. The application is powered by MX, a powerful data partner that aggregates finances into center stage; molding it into a cohesive, intelligible, and interactive visualization.

Linking accounts held at external financial institutions allows you to manage your finances by seeing balances and transactions all in one place, on any device. Link your credit cards, loans, checking, and savings accounts from other financial institutions one time, and Money Manager keeps your view updated so you always see accurate balances and recent transactions.

Note: You can only link accounts from domestic, U.S.-based financial institutions.

I am trying to add Citadel's Rewards Points to Citadel Money Manager and I cannot find my Rewards Account in the list of financial institutions?

Citadel’s Rewards program is listed under ‘Manage Card’ in the main navigation menu. You will need to have a username and password set up on the Rewards site directly to link it into Citadel Money Manager. You can enroll directly with CU Rewards here, by selecting ‘Register’ under New Members. Once you have set up your username and password, search for CU Rewards in Citadel Money Manager and enter your credentials to link your Rewards account.

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