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How do I set up Direct Deposit Account Alerts in Online and Mobile Banking?

Frequently Asked Question

To enroll in Account Alerts and receive notifications of your Direct Deposit activity, simply log in to Online and Mobile Banking and select 'Account Alerts' from the Accounts menu. If you are new to Account Alerts, you will need to accept the terms and conditions and follow the screens to create your default alert settings. Once this this is complete, follow the steps below.

Select the 'Add New Alerts' button and choose the alert you would like to set up. For monitoring Direct Deposit activity, we recommend the following Alerts:

  • Direct Deposit Received Alert - Receive an alert whenever a Direct Deposit is made to your account.
  • Pending ACH Transaction Alert - Be notified whenever a new ACH Transaction (Automatic Withdrawal or Direct Deposit) is placed on your account as pending.

Once you've selected your alert, confirm the default alert delivery settings and select continue. That's it! You will then be taken back to the Account Alerts main page where you can view all the alerts you have set up for your account.