How do I use the Trends widget in Citadel Money Manager?

Frequently Asked Question


The Trends widget builds even further on your budgeting categories to help track spending over time as compared to income. It shows spending history by category, along with a green line showing income. This way, you can quickly determine if you are spending more than you are making.

Note:  This widget is only available on a desktop and tablet.

To view Trends:

  1. To show or hide your income, click the Hide Income icon () or the Show Income icon ().
  2. Hover your mouse over a colored area to show the actual spending in each category for the months displayed.
  3. Click a category area in the graph to drill down into the selected category and show any relevant subcategories.
  4. Click any of the circle data points to display a list of transactions for the selected category.
  5. Click an individual transaction to view the transaction details.