Citadel 2018 Annual Membership Meeting

Annual Meeting Details

When: Monday, April 16, 2018
Where: Citadel Corporate Headquarters
520 Eagleview Boulevard, Exton PA

As a member of Citadel, you are invited to attend the Annual Membership Meeting. The meeting is held to elect the Board of Directors and to review Citadel’s financial reports.

Electing the Board

Each year there are openings on the Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving, you must submit a resume to the Nominating Committee by January 10, 2018. The Nominating Committee will then select and submit a list of qualified candidates for each open position to the Board Secretary.

Candidates who are not selected by the Nominating Committee will be notified. Those individuals can be placed on the ballot by petitioning signatures from 500 members. The petition, a resume, and a statement of willingness to serve must be presented to the Board Secretary by March 7, 2018. On March 12th, a list of qualified candidates will be posted in Citadel offices.

At the Annual Meeting, should there be only one nomination for each position, the election will not be conducted by ballot. If more than one nominee for each opening is presented, an election by ballot will then take place. Members voting must be at least 16 years of age.

Who Do I Contact?

If you wish to be nominated for a Board position, please contact the Nominating Committee:

Nominating Committee
c/o Citadel
520 Eagleview Boulevard
Exton, PA 19341