How do I use Masterpass to buy something?

Frequently Asked Question

You can use your Masterpass to shop online and in-store. 

Shopping Online: Once you've filled your online shopping cart and are ready to check out, click or tap the Masterpass button. If you have already used your wallet on this browser, then simply Sign in and choose the payment card and shipping addresses you wish to use from those that you have previously saved. You can even add a new card or shipping address during checkout. 

If this is your first time checking out with your wallet on this browser, you will simply have to sign in and authenticate via a onetime code that will be sent to your phone or email. Then choose your card and shipping address and hit Continue. You'll have an opportunity to review your order before completing checkout.

Shopping In-Store: Open your Masterpass app on your mobile phone and select the card you'd like to use. Tap the blue contactless icon and enter your PIN. Hold the phone near the contactless card terminal (where you usually swipe your card) in the store to complete your transaction.