Citadel Cash Back Rewards Credit Card

Cash Rewards MasterCard®

With the Citadel Cash Rewards MasterCard, enjoy 1.5% cash back on your everyday purchases, a generous credit limit, enhanced security and protection, a Balance Transfer Bonus up to $300, and a low Annual Percentage Rate. Plus, there is no annual fee and no balance transfer fee.

With a Citadel Cash Rewards MasterCard you’ll:

  • Earn 1.5% cash back for every $1 spent on purchases
  • Qualify for a Balance Transfer Bonus up to $300**
  • Enjoy No Annual Fee or Balance Transfer Fees
  • Use your Citadel credit card with our suite of Digital Wallets to make purchases on the go
  • Have cash deposited right into your account.
  • Earn more cash back when you shop at our Cash Rewards Mall
  • Card Fraud Text Alerts
  • Receive the benefit of enhanced security and protection with chip technology when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals. Read our Chip Card FAQs
  • Enjoy rates as Low as 11.74%*

Start earning cash back rewards today!


Are you are looking for cash back, robust rewards, or a low APR to carry balances? At Citadel, we offer a family of credit cards that will fit your needs.

Ideal for shoppers who want robust rewards options and a low fixed rate.

Rewards MasterCard

Ideal for card holders who wish to carry a balance with a low APR.

Choice MasterCard

Ideal for travelers interested in earning travel rewards and perks.

World MasterCard

*Rates ranging from 11.74% to 17.99%, based upon credit worthiness. Variable APR is an interest rate that can vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. All terms, including fees and APRs for new transactions, may be subject to change. See Terms and Conditions for details. All terms, including fees and APRs for new transactions, may be subject to change.

**Balance Transfer Bonus: We will credit your primary Citadel savings account with 3% of the amount of balances transferred from a non-Citadel credit card, up to a maximum credit of $300 within any 12-month period. Credit will be made within 60 days from date of the transfer. Account must be active and in good standing at the time the funds are deposited. Minimum transfer amount is $500. Offer valid for new and existing Citadel MasterCard credit card customers. Offer may be withdrawn at any time.