Control Your Cards. Anytime, Anywhere.

Turn your cards on/off, set spending limits, and manage location settings with Citadel Card Control.

Get Card Control for Your Citadel Cards

Card Control allows you to set controls and manage your Citadel debit and credit cards from one centralized location within the Mobile Banking App. Enjoy added security and peace of mind knowing you have control over how, when, and where your cards are used. Download the Card Control app today to get started!

Turn Cards On/Off

Instantly turn your debit or credit card off from your phone if it’s misplaced. You can turn it back on as soon as you find it.

card control

Set Spending Limits

Track and manage your spending limits and recent transactions in real time. Plus get notified when those limits are reached.

card control

Manage Locations

No need to call us when you’re traveling. Simply set your card to only be used in your current location or region.

card control

Additional Features

  • Get instant transaction alerts
  • Control settings for authenticated users
  • Set merchant and transaction preferences
  • View transaction history

How to Enable Card Control:

  • Download and open the Citadel Card Control App
  • Log into your Mobile Banking App
  • From the main menu open ‘Manage Cards’ and select ‘Card Control’.

Once you have successfully linked your Card Control and Mobile Banking apps, you can access, set, and manage Citadel debit and credit cards through the Citadel Mobile Banking App.

Security & Fraud Prevention Tips:

  • Preventing Fraud: Prevent in-store fraud by enabling the ‘My Location’ or ‘My Region’ setting under Control Preferences>Locations Control. If someone tries to make an in-store purchase outside of your set location or region, the transaction will be declined.
  • Travel Tips: Control where your cards are used domestically or internationally.
    • For Domestic Travelers: If you don’t plan on travelling internationally, enable the ‘International’ setting and make sure your country is set to ‘United States.’
    • For International Travelers: If you plan to travel outside of the U.S., toggle on the ‘International’ setting under Control Preferences > Locations Control and add the country you are travelling to.
  • For Business Owners: If you have a Citadel business account, you can limit how you and your authorized users use your cards. Simply enable or disable transaction or merchant types under Transaction Controls.
  • Prevent Online Fraud: If you don’t shop online, disable ‘Ecommerce’ under Transactions Controls. This will decline all online purchases.
  • For Parents: If you have your child linked to your account as an authorized user, you can control how your child uses your card by enabling or disabling age restrictions under Merchant Controls. You can also set spending limits under Control Preferences > Spending Limits.
  • Using ATMs: If you only use your cards for ATM transactions, you can disable all transaction controls except ATM transactions in the Transactions Controls menu.

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