What if I have an automatic payment?

Frequently Asked Question

Here's how to modify your automatic payments if you choose to take advantage of our COVID-19 Debt Relief Program.

If you have recurring payments set up in Online Banking:

In Citadel Online or Mobile Banking, follow these instructions to change your due date to the following month:

  • Log in to Online Banking or the Mobile App
  • Select Menu
  • →Accounts
  • →Online Activity
  • →Recurring
  • Launch the drop-down menu
  • Select Edit Series
  • Change the Start Date to the following month
  • →“Transfer Funds” to complete payment date adjustments

If you have automatic payments set up:

  • If the payment is being issued from another financial institution, please contact them to defer the payment until your next due date.
  • If you have an automatic payment set up with Citadel, please complete the payment deferment form.

Please feel free to give us a call if you need assistance at (800) 666-0191.